Outsourcing skill is LLC company locating in Cairo - Egypt providing integrated business solutions that should support any type of business based on its needs. We have four main services linked together carefully to provide the best business solutions for corporate in a very cost effective way which make our relationship with the our clients closer to business partnership than service providers. We are serving GCC with proven experience in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, providing Outsourcing Services such as call center solutions, social media marketing, Applications development, Consultation services..etc
Outsourcing Skill Technical arm specialized in enterprise solution delivery, business consultancy and data solutions. OSG-Soft team has more than 10 years of experience and is willing to provide high-end solutions for their customers. Not only we deliver solutions, we do business consultancy to make sure our solutions abide with the customer needs alongside with the industry standards. Outsourcing skill management team has more than 18 years of experience in multinational companies which impacted the standards of the services provided to match the international standards.
Why Outsourcing Skill?

Why Outsourcing Skill?

  • We are providing integrated services that ensure
    consistency in quality measurements and facilitate
    communications between outsourcing skill
    and it’s partners.
  • As we provide multiservice, so consequently
    our partner get very good service with
    competitive price.
  • Outsourcing skill team has a great accumulated
    experience which minimize the testing phase
    in any project .
  • Quality is not an option, we capitalize on the
    industry standard to make sure the customer’s
    needs are met.
  • Outsourcing skill management team has wide
    technical experience in very important
    streams, such as IT, Marketing, Operations
    Management, Customer Service, and Call
    center activities.

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  • Outsourcing Skill managing director certified as Quality
    Management Systems auditor based on ISO 9001 2015
    which ensure the understanding of importance of quality
    for our partner’s business.
  • We have a committed team to troubleshoot and support
    our customers with great SLAs to make your business
    move forward without obstacles.
Outsourcing Skill Team

Outsourcing Skill Team

Developers Team

The main feature of our development team is providing fully integrated
solutions, we have our business analysts that understand the business of the customer and help to find the best business process and then deliver the technical requirements to very professional team of developers that can handle any type of problems in a practical way, the whole treatment with our partners occurs through high skilled project manager that manage the deliverables with our partner. All our outputs should pass our quality team checking to ensure that all deliverables will be smoothly operate without any struggles even in far future. We have fully structured development team of UI / UX designers, IOS developers, Android Developers, Database analysts, and full stack developers

Managing Director

More than 18 years of experience in customer service, call
center technology, IVR systems, and people management
serving many types of customers such as landline customers,
GSM customers, health insurance customers, e-commerce
customers, and food industry as well.
Also has managed customers from different countries such
as Kuwaiti, Emeriti, Saudi, and Egyptian customers.
Got great experience managing remotely the call center
agents from different countries and nationalities.
Has been certified as QMS auditor for ISO 9001 2015. Has great
experience with COPC certification process.

Human Capital Management Team

The main feature of our development team is multi
tasking where the team can do a lot of jobs using
our current resources.

Call Center Team

Outsourcing Skill has great experience in building call center team serving any kind of operations, we has operations manager with a huge experience in multinational contact centers and certified COPC, so we apply COPC standards on all operations. Quality assurance team that able to monitor the outputs of our call center and verify the delivery of agreed service level to our clients. Workforce management team with high skilled staff that are able to do all workforce functions from sizing to real time management.
Also outsourcing skill team has great trainers certified TOT and able to deliver any kind of training either PK or soft skills using multi channels of communication with our trainees. Our high skilled team leaders and supervisors that are able to sustain the smooth running operations with the lowest distortion and best efficiency, so we utilize all resources in a very good way.

Technical Support Team

The the who handle any technical issues related to
information technology and network using the
latest technologies and techniques in order to
keep the business continuity and keep our partners
data secured away from any hacking or loss

Social Media Team

Currently we have solid team of social media marketing team with average
2 years of experience, our team gained a lot of experience from our current
partners, where they always work close to their vision.
Our team contain our own designers, content creator, ads specialist, and marketing
specialists. So our team can be considered as a fully equipped unit.

How we can Help?

How we can Help?

Call Center Services

Call Center Services

Providing full developed customer care services using high skilled agents that are able to handle your customers through Call center, Social media, Chat, and E-mails. We deliver the service based on international standards that match with your needs.

We can provide very attractive service for the call center such as:

  • Receive inbound calls
  • Customer surveying
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Handle the E-commerce Operations
  • Periodic Reports
  • Providing SLA with very high level of commitment

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    We have great experience on Social media in the gulf area and our high skilled team can handle your social media channels to be very good source for lead generation, and to be your arm on the Internet by providing the below services:

    • Social Media Ads ( Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube – Snapchat ) and Google ads
    • Content Creation on Social Media Channels 
    • Social Media Moderation services 
    • Creative Ideas on Social Media
    • Branding book
    • SEO Service
    Business Consultancy

    Business Consultancy

    Our professional team is ready to support any business domains with industry standard and best practices especially in telecommunication industry or any relevant that contains Customer Relationship and product life cycle:

    • CRM 
    • Billing 
    • Fulfillment
    • Assurance
    • Inventory and warehouse management
    • workforce and trouble ticketing management

    One of the significant projects we worked on is Opera City compound management system with 2 main modules: CRM and Billing.

    Web application aims to automate and enhance the processes of optimizing day-to-day operations in a secure environment for any compound with full Service Management Platform that eliminate the complexity in day-to-day management by manage and track services like Maintenance, electrical, plumbing, cleaning, gardening and any other services offered to any owner,replacing the manual operations with easy user interface system. 

    Data Solutions

    Data Solutions

    Any professional company which seeks to be competitive needs to be able to analyze their data to know how to have greater market share and increase the profits. We offer data solutions services like data warehousing, data integration and dashboards with KPIs.

    Website Development

    Website Development

    Your website is your image with the customers and the channel that social media targeting within any marketing campaign, so we work on website enhancement and development to be friendly user and show all your services to the customer in order to increase the sales and profit consequently.

    Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development

    Most of users nowadays depend on the hand held devices which increased demand on the mobile applications either for android or IOS. 

    Providing the services through mobile apps empower your business and encourage your customer to deal with you and leave any other competitor. 

    We have very good team that can provide professional applications for android or IOS. 

    Outsourcing Skill Clients

    Outsourcing Skill Clients

    Contact us

    • Phone number : +201112365588
    • Email : info@outsourcingskills.com
    • Address: 14/4 Atef Khattab St. Taqseem Laselky - New Maadi - Cairo - Egypt